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Anti-Aggression Spray

Anti-Aggression Spray - Spy shops in Milan
LEGAL Anti- Aggression Pepper Spray.
Prices: from € 20,00 to € 35,00
Active Ingredient
The active ingredient of our spray is the pepper natural extract called OLEORESIN CAPSICUM (concentration 10%).This substance creates a momentary skin and mucous membrane irritation.  It causes hard cough, eye weep and intense burning sensation. After several minutes these effects disappear without any damage for the people.
This kind of product is indicated for people or wild animals.
All our products are realized in the European Community following the quality and environment safeguard  laws .
The natural extract importance stays in its legality and safety.
There are ILLEGAL product at lower prices with active ingredients of chemical diversion, considered in Italy as CHEMICAL AGGRESSIVE. They causes permanent damages.
Are they LEGAL?
The answer is yes!
But it has to be used properly: just for personal defense in case of aggression.
There are 13 sentences which confirm the legitimacy of our product.The most influential courts believe that it is an authorized self-defence instrument.