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BUG DETECTOR - Spy shops in Milan
It detects bugs from 50Mhz to 6.0 GHz
Main Features:

- Dimensions: (L)87 x (H)55 x (P)24 (mm)
- Weight: 95Gr (No Batteries) 125g ( w/batteries )
- Supply : 3V DC (N.2 AAA batteries)
- Search Frequency: 50Mhz- 6.0 GHZ
- Sensitivity Regulator

Alarm Mode

1) Standard: Sound Alarm + Light Indicator ( 3 leds )
2) Discreet: HeadPhones + Light Indicator ( 3 leds )
3) Invisible: Vibration + Light Indicator ( 3 leds )
When it detects the presence of an RF transmitter, the device sounds louder and louder as soon as you get closed to the source.The 5 leds turn on progressively getting closed to the transmission device. All models can regulate their receiving sensitivity to rapidly find the transmitter position. Our detector offers a modern protection to everything transmitts between 50 Mhz to 6.0 Ghz. It is suitable to detect these devices and indicates their position too. Useful for offices safety. The sound alarm can be turned off .

1) Environmental Audio Bugs (Analogic & Digital)
2) Wireless Micro Cameras 1.2Ghz & 2.4Ghz
3) Cell-phones (ETACS-GSM-UMTS)
4) Audio/Video Transmitters (low power 10Mw)
5) Everything transmits from 50Mhz  to 6.0Ghz
You don’t need to install these devices or have professional knowledge to use them .