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Digital Watch Recorder

Digital Watch Recorder - Spy shops in Milan
Audio recorder in a fully operational watch. It is useful as external memory too.
 Memory Unit : Memory from 32MB to 512MB
File format: MP3 - WMA.
Port: USB
Battery: recheargeable 3.7V Li-ione.
Durata di batteria:                   Full battery: 6 hours as MP3 or 4 hours as WMA
Riproduzione               Transmission Speed USB: 900Kbps.
Codi                  Recording Time : 260 minutes per 128MB.
Frequency Exit: 20Hz a 20KHz.
Headphone Exit: 4mW+4mW (16Ω).
Compatible Programs: Window98/Me/NT/2000/XP
1. The supplied battery can be charged by an USB exit or the supplied battery charger. If correctly connected, during charging a red light is on. This becomes green as soon as the battery is charged.
2. If the battery is not charged, recording/ play stops automatically.
Functions Instructions: 
1.Turning on
Keep pushed PLAY for 3-4 seconds. Red and green lights will flash. When just the green one will flash, the product will be completely switched on.
2.Stand by
1.Pushing REC the recording starts with a red light flashing.  
2. Pushing PLAY you reproduce the sounds. If you push it again, you select PAUSE. (3) Keeping PLAY pushed the watch will turn off.
 3. Listen Operations
(1) If paused, press PLAY to continue reproducing
(2) Press REW/VOL- or FF/VOL+ to rewind – forward the recorded files.
(3) Keep pushed REW/VOL- or FF/VOL+ to increase or decrease the volume. 
4. Recording
In Stand by mode press REC: a red light will flash
(1) Press PLAY to stop recording. Press it again to continue.
(2) Press REC to memorize recordings. Press PLAY to listen what recorded: the green light will flash.
5. Turning off
(1)Press PLAY to stop listening. Keep it pressed to turn off the recorder: when the light stop flashing the recorder will be disactivated.
(2)The product will turn off automatically when recorded files or music stops.
(3) The product will automatically turn off if paused for more than 1 minute.
6. Memory Function
If the recorder is switched off properly all planned reproduction conditions will be memorize.
7. Driver Installation
No installation requie for Win ME/2000/XP.  
Driver installation on Win 98: 
(1) Insert CD
(2) Connect the recorder to the PC through the USB cable. The computer will show you that a new hardware’s been detected. An icon will appear on RISORSE DEL COMPUTER.
8. Connection of the recorder
1. The recorded files can be copied on PC.
2. Music files can be copied from PC to the watch (Format8Kbps~320Kbps/MPEG.I/II/2.5 Layer 2/3 MP3 e 128Kbps~192Kbps WMA).      
3. During data transfer the red light flashes. The transfer is finished when the red light stops flashing.
4. Don’t remove the USB cable during data transfer. You could lose files.  
5. The watch can be used as portable memory. You just have to save files in the proper folder and then transfer them to the product.