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Drawing Pen Transmitter

Drawing Pen Transmitter - Spy shops in Milan
Micro Transmitter hidden in a fully functioning drawing pen.
Frequency                                        ..................... MHz
Supply                                                     1,5 V
Exit Power                                               15 mW
Absorption                                                    20 Ma           
Audio Band                                        200 - 8000 Hz
Frequency Control                                 quarzo
Max. deviation of Frequency                    60 KHz
Max. distortion with 25 Khz of deviation                                  < 5%
Voice Detection
Internal on-off Switch
Micro transmiitter in a normal drawing pen. Equipped with a ultra-miniaturized microphone with professional features. Internal Supply:  AA battery. It has a very sensitive Vox activation circuit , which you can activate by an internal switch.
You will have a 50-100 hours autonomy with continous functioning. Activating the Vox option the autonomy will increase considerably.