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GPS/GSM LOCATOR - Spy shops in Milan
GPS / GSM Kit composed by 2 GPS units: the first one transmitts its position and the second one receives it, visualizing it on a map.
This device is ideal for personal protection, goods research and surveillance.
It is a small light GPS/GSM unit, recently developed, planned as a compact protection, a surveillance and alarm device. It has been planned on the need toh ave a compact GPS device, used for safety and surveillance, portable and robust, therefore serviceable to control vehicle and boats.  
It is supplied with the TWIG ALERT. When the ALERT key is pushed, the device sends immediately the informations about the unit position, the direction and the speed to a fixed contact. It establishes a unic sens communication channel, for a supreme self-defense.
The dimension of the unit makes it ideal to supervise vehicles position. The unit can be discreetly hidden in the vehicle itself, and using the function GEO-FENCING, an alarm automatic transmission is activated if it exceeds the user’s predetermined limits. The alarm is an sms send to a designated phone with infos about object, position, direction, speed.

The kit is composed by a GPS/GSM locator which sends its position on the second product (a GPS/GSM phone) supplied with a cartography upon which is visualized the position of the locator averytime it is questioned.
In case of emergency, making a call to the locator you will hear everything happens near the device thanks to the supplied microphone. Once the position is visualized on the receiver, it will guide you showing you the way to reach the questioned peripheral device.