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WELCOME TO OUR WEBSITE - Spy shops in Milan

Here you could find informations about us and about our business activities, deepen what we do and especially what WE CAN DO FOR YOU.

This site will allow you to know us better and keep in touch with us EVERYTIME YOU NEED to get infos and SOLVE YOUR PROBLEMS.


INFORMATIONS ABOUT US - Spy shops in Milan
Tecnospy was founded in 2004. Its purpose is to handle the integrated and surveillance security systems control and retail.
It reached over the years a specific experience in electronics, applied in the private and industrial investigation’s world.
We consider ourselves as leader in counterespionage and defence of business secrets. Our personnel is featured by serious, valid and experienced professionals. We own a technologically advanced micro-equipment, so every request about active or passive safety can be satisfied. We offer our costumers the best products and the most competitive prices.
We constantly pay attention on the international market to reach and realize highly sophisticated defence systems for both industry and private citizens, as well as reclaim every type of settings and telephone.
We offer electronics, telephone and room reclaim services , phone and room micro-transmitter’s installation, audio/visual transmitters and receivers installation, GPS installation, technologic apparel’s rent and/or sales, professional video surveillance, security and alarm systems installation, besides business risks analysis and consultancy.
Tecnospy can offer you real, simple and effective solutions.