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Professional Audio/Video Kit

Professional Audio/Video Kit - Spy shops in Milan
This camera has been specifically developed to be easily hidden in tiny spaces or under clothes.

Superior quality, lightness and tiny dimensions make it the right product to realise professional candids.

A specific hidden camera
High resolution.  Detailed and clear color images. Very good results in bad light conditions too.
Separated Microphone. High sensitività mic placeable in the best way.
Supply from 5 to 12 vdc. Different supply choices: supply 12VDC (RE-AL4 – not included), transistor battery 9V, directly from the pocket videorecorder.
Camouflage lens. The frontal part of the lens is composed by an interchangeable camouflage element (button – screw) for a perfect invisible way of hiding.
The camera
The device uses an high resolution camera (768x582 pixel) suitable for professional level filming.
Although the lens dimensions, the camera can film in bad light conditions too, thanks to the excellent electronic shutter and the high signal/noise relation.  
Microphone for high sensitivity audio
The minicamera has an ultra separated sensitive mic. This allows to place the mic in the better position possible compared to the camera position. The mic’s been studied to allow the perception of the audio in a medium dimensions room even placed under clothes or hidden in an object. 
This camera doesn’t allow the setting of the pre-imposted focus, generally suitable to film at a distance of 1 meter  from the camera.
The camera lens offers a very good wide-angle vision through a 1mm (diameter) hole. The lens conception allows to screw on it a camouflage element as a sleeve or jacket button or a cross screw. 
For every camouflage there’s a 5 equal pieces kit. These accessories allow to hidden perfectly the camera in fixed places or cloche and they can keep the camera always in the correct filming position.  You could use the lens without any camouflage anyway, putting it behind a prearranged hole.

Full-package includes:
Pin-Hole Camera and microphone
5 accessories camouflage kit (button)
5 accessories camouflage kit (screw)    
9V Battery container w/switch 
Supply adapter Cable DC + Video/Audio RCA
 Pocket videorecorder

These cameras work the best with pocket digital videorecorders. You can insert the camera minijack directly in the videorecorder and the camera will be fed with the internal videorecorder battery. This is an autonomous videorecording device The battery will guarantee a continous hour of working to both devices.