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VOICE STRESS ANALYZER - Spy shops in Milan
It is essentially a lie detector which measures people’s vocal stress. Its use became popular between the ‘70’s and the 80’s. Now it is a valid alternative to the polygraph and it is widely used in Police Departements to solve investigation cases.
It is provided with a simple technology. Researches discovered that voice frequencies between 8 and 12 Hz correspond to honesty. When a person’s been honest, the middle sound in that frequencies range is lower of 10 Hz . It is above 10 Hz in case of dishonesty.
All body muscles (including vocal cords) vibrate in a frequency range between 8 and 12 Hz. This is a continous retroaction phenomenon, similar to a thermostat which keep the middle temperature increasing it just above the decided regulation level, then turning off and not turning on until the temperature is under the point of regulation itself. As temperature rises and falls, so the muscles work to keep a constant tension. This happens due to the production and the release of a chemical substance. In case of stress, when you lie and don’t want to be discovered, the body prepares itself rising its body quickness to get in action. Their vibration rises from relax (8-12 Hz) to stress (11-12 Hz).
These vibrations are a stress measure, which levels change from moment to moment. Everybody knows stress or anxiety can be generated by a thought or a memory. Some people have high stress level, some other don’t. The changes depend on mood or frame of mind. A lie is often dangerous, humiliating, insulting in the moment it is discovered, so lies tend to rise the stress level in measurements.   
This program searches changes in tone and frequency of the voice e solves a series of math calculations to identify something to prove that people’s lying.  
It is effective in every situation and applicable on everyone. It is primarily used for criminal investigation, violent crimes, job interviews, screening… 
It is a perfect assistant to your personal criterion.
Its technology is the most advanced ever made to detect changes in human speeches.
If the recording quality is good you can REACH A 100% RELIABILITY.